Fox fur hats – where are they worth nothing?


Fox fur hatsFox fur hats have a gigantic popularity in such countries like Canada, United States of America, Great Britain, France, Norway and Sweden. Anyway, today we will talk not about them – we will talk about countries, where such hats has popularity equal to zero and are worth nothing.

Africa is a huge continent, but hats just has no perspectives there. Yes, it‘s really hot in Africa and people just don’t need to wear hats, but this is not the only reason – people,even if it would be cold for them in Africa, couldn‘t afford such hats (unless it would cost not few hundred dollars but few hundred stones).

There are some people, that even in front of warm weather of Asia, likes to wear such a hats. Anyway, only really wealthy people, that want to show how wealthy they are, are acting like this – others are not thinking not only about fox fur hats but about other hats as well.

North Pole
If taking a number of people, that are visiting North Pole every year, and a percent of how much of them are wearing fox fur hats, the popularity of those hats in North Pole would be stunning. Anyway, just about few hundred people are visiting this part of Earth every year, so fox fur hat Shops in North Pole wouldn‘t stay long.